You’re Right. There is more to life.

Let me guess:

You’re here because you’re tired of the status quo.

You know what I’m talking about:

The dogma that says guys in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s are supposed to be tired, sore, overworked, and wondering whether they’ve missed the point.

The narrative that says you’re supposed to be “winding down” your career, aiming at retirement, finding ways to relax.

The one that tells you it’s okay to be weak, overweight, and physically underwhelming; that it’s just time to hang up your rec-league skates, put away your skis, and take up walking before it’s too late and everything just hurts.

You’re here because you hate the idea that you’ve spent the past 20 to 40 years working for someone else, giving away your youthful energy only to wonder where you’ve been headed all along anyway.

You’re here because, damn it, this isn’t what you envisioned when you were young, naive, and had everything to lose.

Well, congratulations, because:

You’re in the Right Place.

To be clear, we’re not here to tell you how to get ahead in your career, how to be a better husband, or how to decide when to retire. Frankly, that would be stupid, as we’re not even that far along in life ourselves.

What we will do is show you how the safe, progressive, and intelligent pursuit of physical fitness, especially physical strength, can naturally help you become a better man and find greater enjoyment in living a more purposeful life.

Dynamis Performance isn’t like most training companies. We’re not (mainly) about aesthetics. We’re not (mainly) about bigger muscles, a smaller waistline, or better cholesterol. True, guys regularly get all of those things from our training. But we’re after something better.

At Dynamis, it’s our mission to help men live more meaningful, satisfying lives through strength training and conditioning, and to show them how to exceed the perceived limits of their potential.

Our Philosophy

We approach all our training from the standpoint of three fundamental principles:

1. Strength training develops the character required to live to your potential.

Few things compare to strength training for developing:

  • Grittiness – the willingness, ability, and determination to do the hard thing;
  • Endurance – the ability to envision and chase after the long-term reward;
  • Fortitude – not tough-guy machismo, but the ability to stand up under the weight of a heavy load; and
  • Humility – honesty in the recognition that some things are simply bigger than you or your present abilities.

 2. Strength training is a necessary pursuit if we wish to be maximally useful or productive.

This is especially true of:

  • Protection of, and provision for the needs of loved ones, friends, and those in positions of weakness or vulnerability; and
  • Contribution to society in general.

3. Strength training promotes personal wellness better than almost any other discipline.

Research and experience have shown time and time again that this is true for:

  • Reduction or elimination of physical pain;
  • Promotion of greater amounts of physical activity and the resulting health benefits;
  • Development of confidence and clear thinking;
  • Provision of more energy for work, hobbies, family, and friends; and
  • Prevention and management of chronic diseases, both now and in late life.

This has been our experience, and the experience of nearly all our clients: Fitness, especially strength training, is about so much more than what you do in the gym. It affects, and improves, nearly every aspect of your life.

So What About You?

That’s enough about us. Now what about you? Are you done with the status quo? Ready to discover what you could be? Then join us in what we call the Dynamis Life – the ongoing pursuit of more than you’re currently capable of – and learn to Power Past Your Potential!

Our Promise:

Our promise to any guy willing to put in a reasonable effort toward becoming stronger and fitter is that he will:

  1. Have more energy for work, family, friends, and hobbies;
  2. Get back to doing his favourite activities, and do them longer, better, and more often; and
  3. Rediscover his confidence and enthusiasm for life,

within three months of working with us. If we can’t help you achieve those things in that time, we’ll guarantee you your money back.

P.S. Not Ready to Take that Step, Or Prefer to Go it On Your Own?

No problem. It’s still our mission to help you live a more satisfying, meaningful life through the benefits of strength training, whether you do it with us or without us. We’re always in the process of creating useful tools, resources, and content. Keep your eye out for new resources all the time, but for now, start here if you want to learn more about how the pursuit of strength can change your life forever!


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