Dynamis Performance is a strength and performance coaching service that takes average dudes who know deep down that they could be more, and turns their average bodies into awesome bodies. It’s about harnessing the power of a disciplined life and pushing past your limitations to truly reach your potential.

This is premium coaching that goes way beyond just delivering a fitness program. At Dynamis, we leverage high-level strategies from our strength and conditioning and human performance background to help guys who know they could be more, be more.

This is for guys who want to be awesome instead of average.

To see what they can really do.

To be held accountable to the vision of what they could accomplish.

To be shown they’re truly capable of bigger things.

It’s for guys who want to look better, to perform better, to work better.

It’s about discovering how to power past your potential.

(Obligatory Rocky-wannabe pic)

Our clients come from a whole variety of backgrounds, but they have this one thing in common: They have potential, but have never seen it fully realized because they hold themselves back. We chose the word Dynamis for that very reason.

In ancient Greek, Dynamis was used to denote inherent power or ability to reach what was beyond. It described potential that’s as yet not realized. It conveys the idea of achieving more than might seem possible. It’s where we get the words dynamic, dynamo, and dynamite. And that’s what we’re all about – the powerful, effective performance of something more.

At Dynamis Performance, we believe every guy has the ability to be more than he is now, and we’ve proven that time and time again. We’ve worked with literally hundreds of guys of all ages and from all walks of life: from children to elderly men, from rank beginners to national level athletes, from guys embracing the daily grind to guys living the high life. The one thing we’ve observed in the last 10 years is that, no matter where you are now, there’s always room to improve.

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Our Mission and Philosophy

Dynamis Performance is dedicated to helping average guys become awesome. We do this through intelligent application of strength training principles for real-world, down-to-earth dudes in a way that ultimately builds them up instead of breaking them down. We’re all about helping you finally power past your potential by coaching you through the process of change, educating you on how best to pursue your goals, and holding you accountable each step of the way.

Fundamental to our philosophy is the notion that strength and quality movement underlie successful physical progress. Not every guy needs to be strong – strength is a relative term. But (almost) every guy needs to be stronger, so long as that strength is built on a foundation of solid, stable movement mechanics and pain-free motion. By targeting these goals in tandem, we produce a physique capable of demonstrating amazing expressions of physical strength in real-world tasks – and believe us, when that happens, it’s impressive.

No, that’s not one of us! Could be you one day, though!

Critical to building a strong, lean, high-performance physique are proper rest and nutrition. Naturally then, these are staples of our programs. But we’ll never take a one-size fits all approach. Some people need more sleep. Some need to learn how to take a day off from the gym. Some excel when they track calories and macros. Some need a more habit-based approach. At the core of our value system at Dynamis Performance is that great coaching is client-centered, meaning we’d rather learn how you work and what makes you tick than assume you’re the same as us. After all, this journey’s yours. We’re just pumped to come along for the ride!

Finally, we’d be remiss if we failed to mention mindset. At Dynamis, we’ve experienced the power of a growth mindset firsthand and its ability to take the most inert of people and propel them to new levels they didn’t think were possible. We encourage our clients to see every obstacle as an opportunity, every failure as data, and every challenge as a chance to level up.

To see how our philosophy plays out in training concepts, check out our blog.

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