Client Stories: One-on-One

“When I started training with Drew at 21 years old, I had lots of prior training experience under my belt. I was a national level track and field athlete, the 400 metre hurdles being my main even. I’d grown up with an athletic background, playing soccer initially before starting track and field. For 12 years, I primarily trained in Calgary and was fortunate enough to race across Canada and in some States. In 2012, I competed at the 2012 Olympic trials, and in earlier years at Canadian Nationals and Junior Nationals.

Prior to training with Drew, I had a very poor view of weight training. When training with my team, I basically half-assed my weight training (for lack of a better term) and used the time in the weight room as more a social time than anything. It wasn’t until I trained with Drew that I saw the value of weights. The difference came mainly because Drew explained in detail why each exercise was going to be beneficial to my event. Things had never been explained to me that way before, so I never appreciated resistance training or saw it as a need; it was just sort of a “try this” type of thing.

Actually engaging in weight training was a change for the better. For one thing, I felt that the workout goals were achievable but challenging at the same time. I get in my own head when training. If a goals is too big, I talk myself out of believing I can accomplish it. Even though Drew and I had a bigger goal, we were able to break it into shorter- and longer-term goals, and every training day was just enough that I could accomplish what I had to. Even though I wasn’t able to do any racing or competing when I was in Windsor, training with Drew helped me to feel more confident in my running and in my training abilities. Mentally, it was a huge confidence boost to know that I could work toward my goal piece by piece while accomplishing daily targets.

Overall, my experience with Drew was great. It was far more intense and personalized than other training I’ve had. It’s definitely given me a mindset of determination, an appreciation for weight training, and an understanding of how to train effectively without injury. The confidence I’ve developed from training with Drew has carried forward and still helps me in my training now. It’s great to have that mental strength to keep me pushing through tough workouts.

-Bryce C., National Level Track Athlete (400m hurdles, 400m, 200m sprints)

“I’ve been working with Andrew at Dynamis for two years now. When I finally made a decision to invest in and start to get healthier I knew I needed a trainer to hold me accountable and to ensure I was getting the most out of my sessions. I can say that I have achieved many of my strength goals but more importantly Andrew has helped me feel better and more energized. A side bonus that I wasn’t expecting is Andrew’s knowledge and expertise has helped me work through some mobility issues that I thought I was plagued with forever.”

-Dan R., President and CEO, Supreme Restoration

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