Your Goals, Your Way: Train How, Where, & When You want


Training progress stalled?

Then you have one of four problems:

  1. You don’t know how to work out (even if you think you do);
  2. You need a program upgrade;
  3. Your nutrition and recovery suck; or,
  4. Some combination of the previous three.

In other words, if you’ve nailed the how but suck at the whatand if you live in Timbuktu and still want to train with us, or if being cost-effective but still optimized in your training is most important to you, online training may just be the solution you’re looking for.

Here’s why Dynamis Online is the logical option:

Benefits of Online Coaching vs. In-Person Coaching

1. It’s the most efficient way to get the best program.

When you purchase in-person training with most trainers, most of the cost is the trainer’s time spent with you.

It’s expensive being a trainer, and in-person training has always, and will always, consist of trading money for time. This means that if you’re spending three hours a week with your trainer, and paying three hours a week for his or her time, there’s not much left to devote to program design.

At best, most trainers spend an hour on a client’s program, tops. (I’ve been known to spend up to 30 hours, because I apparently have something against myself, but that’s my problem). Online training takes that time-money trade and puts the emphasis where you need it to be if you’re already an experienced lifter: on the program.

2. It lets your coach dig deeper into the barriers holding you back.

While this isn’t exclusively true of online coaching, it’s probably truer of online coaching than in-person coaching.


Behaviour coaching is best left for time spent outside workout sessions. Lengthy discussions about nutrition information and behaviour patterns seriously detract from how much you can get done in a workout when they’re squeezed into rest times. Conversely, the fatigue from a workout can make you forget what you just talked about.

Trainers should be talking to their clients about those things in separate sessions devoted to just that. Most don’t. Online coaching makes time for this, as your workout sessions are taken care of remotely and on your own time.

3. It removes the problems of scheduling, location, and cost.

First, the in-person fitness business has one huge limitation: It puts business before fitness, out of necessity.

Sessions are typically limited to 30, 45, or 60 minutes, as the trainer makes a living by taking as many appointments as possible and/or developing alternate revenue streams. Thus, though you may be better-served by a longer workout, it’s not always possible to fit the whole thing into the allotted time-frame, and results may be left on the table.

Second, it’s a no-brainer that scheduling conflicts are a problem.

Third, though you may be willing to travel as far as necessary to train with the right person, that’s not always possible.

And fourth, online training can literally be 10 TIMES cheaper than training in person.

What You Get with Dynamis Online

Monthly, personalized online training programs

Programs are customized monthly and delivered through Trainerize, the leading distance-training app for iOS and Android.


Workouts with videos and instructions

Check into your workouts, view hand-selected technique videos, and read concise instructions in your regularly scheduled training sessions.


Workout stat and consistency tracking

Stay on top of your progress and workout intensity with ongoing performance graphing for weight used, reps performed, and total workload for every exercise performed, available through desktop login. Plus, previous stats for each exercise are view-able within each workout to ensure you’re working hard enough each time.

Motivation through regular “Personal Best” reports

Each time you hit a new personal best, whether in terms of weight used, total load lifted, number of reps completed, or duration held, you’ll be congratulated immediately after saving your workout stats. This has proven to be a powerful motivator to keep at it and keep improving!

Technique and training intensity feedback

Maximize your safety and intensity with technique analysis and motivational coaching. This feature uses Coach’s Eye, the leading virtual technique coaching software, to provide voice-over, slow-motion viewing, joint angle measurements, and chalkboard-style drawing overlays on select exercise videos you’ll be asked to upload.

Progress charting showing physical changes to your body

As you track and record body progress measurements, you’ll be able to visually track your changes through done-for-you graphs of things like body weight, body fat, lean mass, and circumferences.

The following graphs are actual 4.5-month changes in Body Fat % (-10%), Fat Mass (-20.16 lbs), Lean Body Mass (+9.48 lbs), and Waist Circumference (-4.17″) of a real Dynamis Online client:


Nutrition coaching options to suit your understanding, skills, and lifestyle

Whether you just need general guidance and accountability, or in-depth coaching customization with regular Skype meetings, Dynamis Online has an option to suit your needs.


Regular accountability calls and in-app instant messaging support

Regular 15-minute phone calls keep you on track with three simple questions you’re expected to answer: What went well this week, what didn’t go well this week, and what do you want to do differently in the coming week?


A central hub for connecting your favourite fitness apps

Trainerize integrates seamlessly with MyFitnessPal, FitBit, and Withings so you can manage your fitness conveniently from one place.

Does Online Coaching Actually Work?


You’ve seen the graphs above of a real client’s transformation. Check out more success stories here.


What Does Dynamis Online Cost?

There are several packages available with Dynamis Online: Personalized Anywhere Coaching. They range from $189.95 (CAD) per month to $374.95 (CAD) per month, with options to further customize your plan. To find out more, request more information with a quick message on our contact page, and we’ll get on the phone to talk about which option might be right for you.

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