The Sunset is Coming

Look back on life satisfied.

The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.

Louis E. Boone

Passive Men, Wasted Lives

Too many men flounder in life. They wait for something good while the world passes them by.

But passivity is an offense against manly responsibility.

Lives are wasted, opportunity is wasted, and the good of family, friends, and society is sacrificed by those who sit and wait.

A satisfied man is a proactive man. He moves beyond abstract ideas and makes things happen.

But how does a passive man transform into a dynamic, proactive man?

That’s where the sunset pictures come in.

The Sunset’s Coming

Chris Helder talks about sunset moments in his short but powerful book, “How to Influence People”.

Imagine yourself at the end of today. You’re sitting on your front porch with a coffee, a beer, or a lowball, watching the sun go down. Looking ahead to that moment, ask yourself two questions:

What would make you look back on today and say to yourself, “Man, I crushed it today”? And,

What course corrections do you need to make to your day now to make that sunset picture a reality?

It’s ridiculously simple, but somehow most of us live daily as if this end-of-day satisfaction weren’t the goal. Whether it’s fear, or complacency, or some other thing, too many of us are content to put off our changes for another day.

But let’s extend our thought experiment out a few more days. In fact, let’s go three months out.

At the end of three months, what would make you call your buddy up, or say to your wife, “I’ve never been happier with my (business, relationships, fitness, whatever) than I am now”? What’s your three-month sunset? What’s your ideal?

Is it really that hard to imagine that could happen? Or is it just easier to assume it won’t?

One thing is sure:

The sunset is coming. The longer you wait to make your desired reality happen, the less likely you’re ever to do it.

This remains true no matter how far out you go – three months, three years, thirty years, the end of your life.

Not acting guarantees you will fail.

And now you know how to change that.

Chase the Golden Horizon

The truth is, change requires desire. Why should you do the hard thing and take the steps to get to where you want to go?

Because you want what’s on the other side.

The golden horizon is worth the chase.

So take some time today to ask yourself those two questions:

At the end of (whatever period), what do I want my (business, relationships, fitness, etc.) to look like? What could I be proud of and thankful for? And,

What changes need to happen to achieve that goal?

Then take action today to make your sunset moment happen!

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